A short and simple tale of our outstation adventure: Pune – Mumbai - Pune

After spending long hours at work, when the weekend comes, the only thing we both (me and my husband) do is cleaning our apartment and just chilling and munching on some delicacies. During the week, our little monster doesn’t allow us to do upkeep of the house. Because once we are back from office, he demands all the attention…(hehehehe). The upcoming weekend was going to be the same, but we thought it’s a long time we haven’t gone on an outing and spent some good time with our little one leaving all the worries behind in Pune. But as usual, when it comes to finalizing the destination, too many concerns popped up. “Arre woh jagah nahi woh kaafi durr hai,”, “uss jagah toh baccha bore ho jayega”, and I even said “chodo na yrr weekend hai, aaram karte hai yahi par”….hehehehehe! Lazy me yeah….

But then, on a second thought, it wasn’t a bad idea at all. We (the trio) need to step out of Pune and have some fun and quality time. We should move out and shop and binge on some different flavors. So, after a lot of discussion about our little one, we thought we should cut the travelling short and go to a place that won’t require much of travelling, and we can shop, hop, and have loads of fun as well.

And finally, we thought why not Mumbai. It’s all what we are looking for, as they say life is bustling day and night. So, our weekend destination was finalized, Mumbai, the city that never sleeps. Now, the question was about the itinerary, that is, where and how do we go. We looked out for train and bus as the option to travel, but then again, it’s Mumbai. The climate is very humid, and we all would get exhausted by the travelling within the city. So, we started contemplating other options.

I was discussing my weekend plan with my colleagues and one of them, who hails from Ahmedabad, suggested me a travel service provider, “Sirf Taxi”. They have their main business in Ahmedabad, but they have also started their operations now in Pune. He had used the service and was quite happy with it. We found out their rates and terms and discussed the same with my friends. It seemed to be not that heavy on our pockets, and we could afford it. The next thing I did was that I discussed about “Sirf Taxi” with my husband, and he too agreed for the same. So, we began the research.

We browsed their website. Well, it’s quite up to date with all the information anyone may want while making their travel arrangements. One thing that really impressed us was their concept of “One Ride = One Tree”, a unique initiative to save the planet. It showed us that they really cared about nature, and someone who thinks about their planet will definitely care for people, that is, their customers. We were definitely sure now that we will travel only by “Sirf Taxi” and be a part of this noble cause towards our planet.

“Sirf Taxi” has various options of cars that one can choose from, such as hatchback, sedan, and SUV. We chose the Sedan option. It suited our pockets, so we thought to go ahead with it. Their well-designed packages suites everyone’s need, and the booking process is easy as well. We booked the car for Friday evening so that we can go and relax in the night and be fresh to explore Mumbai the next day. They were very professional, I must say. We received a call on Friday morning confirming our travel time and pick-up venue. In the evening, the cab was right on the planned time to pick us. The chauffeur called us after reaching our venue to inform us of his arrival. But, we were running a little late because of our little one, as he was quite cranky. So, my husband informed the chauffeur about the same, and he understood our concern.

Everything was sorted, and we left for our journey. The car was spick and span and in a well-maintained condition. After seeing us, the chauffeur stepped out of the car, greeted us, and opened the car door for us. We really liked this gesture. We settled in, and our journey started. He drove the car safely without speeding up at all and without any frantic driving (unlike the cab drivers we come across these days).The chauffeur was a very friendly and polite person and was chatting with us till we reached our destination. On our way, we asked him to suggest us places in Mumbai that we could explore and enjoy.

We reached our hotel, he helped us with our luggage, and we checked in the hotel. The chauffeur was going to rest in the car itself and asked us what time we would like to leave from in the morning. We conveyed him about our time and left off to our room.

The next morning, we were again running late (for the same reason of course, our little one). Our chauffeur was all ready waiting for us to go on our expedition, but he was considerate enough to understand our situation and did not hurry. He told us to take our time. Once we got ready, he took us to the places we had already mentioned, as he knew the city like the back of his hands. He knew the right ways to get through the Mumbai traffic. He was very kind to us, and he took really good care of us and specially our son. The entire time, he advised us to keep drinking lots of water and keep ourselves hydrated all the time as the atmosphere in Mumbai is quite humid. He knew where we would get good lunch and where we could go out and indulge in different delicacies on the streets of Mumbai. He took us around the city with no complaints at all. We were back to the hotel quite late, and the next day, we had to travel a bit around the city and then leave for Pune. So, he advised us to have adequate rest.

The next day, we left the hotel a little late, as we were going to have a hectic day. Our chauffeur was already on time. We checked out, and he helped us with our luggage. We moved from there. Today was the shopping day, but before shopping, we wanted to visit 2-3 places that were within reach and not time-consuming. After that, we had lunch, and he took us to the places where we could shop for a variety of things we wished for, and we could bargain for the same as well. I guess that’s what makes shopping in Mumbai more exciting. He took us to a place from where the journey back to Pune would be easy, and we would not have to go all over the city to find the exit. He was very patient to take us to different shops and stalls. And the best part, he was handling our son for the entire time we shopped, handling his tantrums as well without any complaints. My son had become very fond of him and was comfortable with him. The chauffeur even bought him 2-3 toys he asked for, and when we offered to pay him back, he never took the money from us. Such a warm-hearted man…

After all the shopping, we wrapped up and started back for Pune. He drove without any hurry, and we reached our home well in time as we had expected. The payment process was quite hassle-free. We had options such as cash, Paytm, or online. Our chauffeur reminded us about the “one ride=one tree” program and told us that we will get a call from the “Sirf Taxi” office, and they would invite us to plant the tree in some school or some ground. We assured him that we will surely be a part of this cause, and we bid him farewell.

To sum up, we had a wonderful journey, and we would highly recommend “Sirf Taxi” to all. Try for once, and do experience their courteous service. And not to forget be a part of their noble cause, and do your bit for our planet. We are definitely going to be a part of it for sure going ahead as well.

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